Empty Space

I have become more proactive in the act of looking and noticing colour and texture in everyday surfaces of the city. Visually how can I take these references to compose an image? Empty space can be as important as busier areas: giving the painting a sense of balance similar to those that we find inContinue reading “Empty Space”

Fragments and Process

Recently I’m becoming a collector of quiet images of city spaces which catch my eye, be it in the colours, textures or aura of history. These are translated into sketches on paper with mixed media: watercolour, acrylic paint, markers and collaged papers. The last part of this process is to take apart these sketches andContinue reading “Fragments and Process”

The beautiful everyday

Recently I’ve started to take inspiration from the city streets around me. Everyday sights like a rusty door alongside a freshly painted wall have become reinvigorating. I’m making small abstract studies which lead into larger pieces, often featuring collage and many layers of paint and varnish.